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4:15-9:45 PM express cashier

Tonight I felt like I was just zoning in and out of work. I mainly felt like I was rationing everything-- I was out of bags, and had to go scavenge whenever I ran out again, out of register tape, out of coins--several people asked for quarters as change. The store was very busy, but the sales change on Sundays, and it seemed like we were out of a lot of things on the shelves as well.

I was on the express register by the cigarettes, which is better than the other ones, because it's less isolated, but some customers didn't get that it was an express (it just has a small sign), and I had to turn a few people away who pulled up with full carts. I had one customer who seemed angry about the person ahead of her who had a lot of stuff. I guess it's up to me to enforce the 20 items rule, but it's hard to tell how much that is as people unload their carts.

I sold a lot of Sunday papers with the pope in the front page. I also had mostly younger people (20s and 30s) who were buying groceries--the difference between the amount young people buy and those with families is huge. It seemed like people were either buying healthy things, like produce, or else junky things, like ice cream and frozen food. I ID 'd a man with a driver's license from I don't know what country ( I was trying not to stare at it). It was beautiful--it was several small pages, and the information was written in.

When I came in, AO was the front end supervisor again. I joked with him that he didn't leave. He said he felt that way--but he does have to leave eventually, because he has another job. He said he needed to have 2 jobs these days. As far as I know, that means at least 2 of the full time supervisors have a second job. Another supervisor who I hadn't seen before was also working. She's young, probably early twenties. For about ten minutes, neither one was around, right when I had a string of three guys without Price Chopper cards. Another woman was around (perhaps she works in the back office?) and she got grumpier each time I asked her to put in her numbers in lieu of a card. She told me to ask for their cards, and then for their licenses. I told her I had done this, but she didn't comment.

In the breakroom, there were two large decimated sheet cakes. I also noticed I was listed on the birthday bulletin board, but thankfully there are a lot of April birthdays, so I'm not that prominent. There were also a lot of people listed on the anniversary of service bulletin board.


3:45-11:15 PM regular cashier

When I punched in, PP gave me a form I had to sign-- I was written up because I failed to give 2 hours notice when I called in sick. It's called an "Associate Documentation Form," quite a generic, redundant name, I must say. PP said she hated to do it with a good cashier, but I said I knew I messed up, and that I was just really out of it. She gave me my copy (it's in triplicate-white, yellow, pink), "for my files," she said jokingly (if only she knew I did have a file).

Actually, when I first got on the register, I was still feeling like my head was floating somewhere else. I couldn't hear when my scanner beeped, either, so I had to go slow and watch the screen to make sure I was scanning everything. Luckily, I had a bagger for most of the afternoon-- I don't think I could've done both the register and bagging today. By the end of the night I was feeling a lot better.

I noticed several people were just wearing regular clothes and their nametag--no Price Chopper vest or anything. On my break, I saw in the breakroom a sign saying that Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were dress down days, to benefit an associate who was diagnosed with a terminal illness. You pay $5.00, and then I guess wear regular clothes--although no ripped jeans, t-shirts and a few other things are allowed.

During my break, I saw AL and asked him how his thesis was going. He said all he had left to write was a preface, in which he would explain what he meant by Dickens' "double vision," and then have 4 copies bound. He at first said that maybe he'd only get a B on it, later he said a B+, but he learned a lot about Charles Dickens and also how to write something of length. He is defending later this month and is working on a power point presentation for it. He did seem happy I had asked about it. He was sitting at a table, sorting through mail from a duffle bag when I walked in. At lunch I saw FF and we chatted about nothing in particular. I asked her if she was trying out for anything (she's a dancer), and she said that she wasn't--she would have to quit this job to join a production. I remember she said she took this job to fill in the time between shows, and apparently also to make up for the money she does make when in a show. We ended up mainly talking about work-- she said when she's on the express register, she enforces the item limit and tell people to go into the other line.

There were a lot of big orders tonight-- both EBT cards, and a lot of credit card purchases. I had a guy with a bunch of Rain Checks, but he was fun about it. I didn't have a calculator ( the one I bought doesn't work), so he lent me his. He also bought about 20 boxes of band-aids-- they were on sale, and he runs a construction company. He said they were cheaper here than through his supplier. I asked him how long these would last-- and he said that he needs them more than his guys because he is always rushing things and cutting himself. Later in the night, around 8:30 or so, there were only a couple of registers open and no baggers. A family came through and the father was complaining that it was slow, and wondering why there weren't any baggers. He said back in his day (apparently he has once worked at a grocery store) this wouldn't happen. I just let him complain and didn't really say anything.

It actually stayed pretty busy all day--even later when I thought it would slow down. My belt was pretty disgusting by the end of the night, lots of junk had leaked all over it. I didn't have any paper towels until I had a chance of steal some from another register, but I was able to clean it up a bit by the end of the night.

Calling in sick on Thursday had reminded me that I didn't need to have this job, but at the end of the day today I felt back in it again. I got my schedule for next week, and even though I 've cut back a day, they still have me scheduled for 20 hours.


11:00AM-4:30 PM express cashier

I called in sick at 10:05. I had the flu all week, and at first this morning thought I could work, but then realized I was still pretty out of it. I should have called in right away, before 9, because I am supposed to give 2 hours notice before calling in. Luckily, I talked to PP, and she was cool about it.


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