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EZ Scan tatoo


day off (requested)


8:00 AM -1:00 PM EZ Scan

When I signed in, it said "see supervisor" next to my name in the schedule book. No supervisor was around, so I decided to let a supervisor come to me, and went out to do reshops for a while. After about a half hour, I was called to the front to do bagging for a while, and then went back to reshops. The only thing I had trouble finding the right place for was two cans of liver pate. I put a lot of barbeque sauce back on the shelves. In the morning, people were busy restocking all the shelves. Around ten, I headed over to the small EZ Scan, but BB told me to give BS, who was on the other EZ Scan, her break first, and then open up the express one. BS is friendly towards me, but still wanted to make sure I had set everything up right. She had already restocked all the bags for me. I was stretching my arm, which was stiff from playing softball, and she asked me what I was doing. I told her I was on a softball team for my other job, and she seemed surprised that I had another job, and that I only worked three days a week here.

The EZ Scan seemed busy for a while. BB thought it would be busy in the morning and slower in the afternoon. She also commented that the roadwork on the bridge on Midler Avenue is affecting our sales. It was fairly busy, and then around 11 slowed down, but picked up again. People were buying a lot of cookout stuff--hamburgers and rolls, beer, ice, etc. One older man was buying a half dozen eggs, but didn't know the price. I entered in the code, and it was 99 cents. he felt that it should have been 75 cents, since a full dozen was 1.49, but he bought them anyway. On Thursday, TT would come over and print out a total gross report for the EZ Scan. I watched him do it, so today, at the end of my shift, I printed one out. There were 91 orders, 693 items, $1,752.67 gross, and 65 Advantage cards.

I felt like I spent a lot of time just watching. At the end of my lane, AM was giving out samples for sparkling pear and apple juice. There were three women doing samples ("Super Samples") today--all of them in their forties, and their uniform is a white shirt, black pants, a black apron and black cap. Because of the display of summer toys behind me, a lot of kids came through to look at the water guns, water balloons, hula hoops and balls. The bank opened at 10:00, and for a while one of the bank workers was out in the store wearing a green apron. The bank also has a big bowl of Hershey's kisses, wrapped in green foil, that the cashiers and others always help themselves to. A lot of people would ask me where the restroom is--the sign is right above the door to the cleaning closet, and the women's room is sort of hidden on the other side of the ice machine. Many people would also ask me to watch their cart while they went to the bathroom.

A few people I knew were in the breakroom after I had punched out. BM told me she was rehired at the post office, and was working six days a week from 6:30 PM to 2 AM, unloading and sorting mail. She is paid $15 and hour and gets benefits. I asked her if she was going to leave here, and she said another cashier was trying to talk her into staying, but she didn't know how she could do it. We all commented how good the pay was at the Post Office, and she told us how to apply online, but said after she had applied and taken the test, she was on a waiting list for 5 years until she was finally hired.

I saw NN in the morning, and he was friendly, but not as friendly as he had been in the past to me, so I think he has stopped pursuing me. BW, another cashier, has just started in Customer Service, and on the board she was congratulated for her promotion. I had noticed that I hadn't seen FF in a while, and checked the schedule. She wasn't on it, so I guess she's left. The others I trained with are still here.


1:00 PM - 5:30 PM express EZ Scan

I was watching the local news last night, and this guy who had come through my line twice (on both Sat and Sun) last week was on it as a dealer in bootleg DVDs. The reporter had done a sort of sting operation--contacting "Frank," and then meeting him, with a hidden camera, to purchase illegal DVDs. Then, another reporter came over and talked to "Frank," who told the reporter that they were crazy to even care about it, that Sony or whoever won't come after him.

In the parking lot, AG was pulling out and stopped to say hi. Anyway, as I signed in, I asked PP if I could change my mind and not work in customer service--I told her it was too much like my other job and that I liked cashiering. She said that she shouldn't say any of this, but that working in customer service isn't so great--she did it for 9 years, She said you have to deal with a lot of stuff at once--answering phones, talking to people and handling a lot of money, and you don't get paid any more for it. She said that someone currently has a job action against them because of overages, and that if her drawer is wrong one more time she'll be suspended. PP then qualified it all by saying it wasn't that I couldn't do it, but generally it's not really worth it, especially since I have another job. She then apologized for my schedule for next week and EZ Scan--she said she did the whole schedule and tried to take me off of it, but then the system crashed and BB ended up doing it, so PP didn't know where I would be, but they have trained 2-3 other people on it.

TT was working at the other EZ Scan ( he is usually a front end supervisor). He told me that once you get on it, it is hard to go off, because once they have people on it they trust, they keep them there. He said one summer if felt like he and BQ were the only two on it, and that at first he liked it because he doesn't like working a regular register, but then it became tedious.

It was really slow at first. I started to clean up and found a stack of temporary EZScan tattoos in the drawer. I was very excited about them--TT and I put them on the back of our hands. TT made a cube out of paid stickers and showed it to me. He said he knew someone who could make a perfect cube with them. I tried to make one then, but it was a little lopsided. I also thought I'd try to keep count of how many people went through and since it was slow I could do this. My tally was 99 customers and 11 employees. A colleague from school came through and I said hello to her. AY and BX came through together--I don't know if they are a couple, but I do see them hanging out a lot together. One woman told me using the EZ Scan was fun--that it was like playing store as a kid.

BJ was around for a while--since BE wasn't in, BJ had clean up duty. He showed a young woman employee how to run the zamboni, and I later saw her on bottles--which is only unusual because generally only the men do it. BJ sometimes seems like he doesn't know how to act around me--he sometimes tries to pick fights with me, other times acts okay.

There was some talk of the suits being here today. TT thought one of the Golub sons may have been in. ANother employee commented on how they try to be like us, but they come in wearing their suits and carrying suitcases. During my break, around 4, two other people were in the breakroom, one going home because the suits had left. I asked why they were here, and the other person said he had know idea, but that the store was cleaned up, at least. He thought the new regional manger was supposed to be there, but didn't see him; but that the regional produce guy was. He then said he didn't care, because "you could put them all together and squeeze the juice out of their brains and it wouldn't add up to more than what my dog has."


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