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A Note to READERS: It’s been a while since I’ve written the blog. Like a lot of things, I’ve let it slip. I will be going back and filling in the details, sorry for the gap.

When I woke up this morning, I really didn’t want to go to work. I thought of all the things I could get done if I stayed home. But I then started thinking about everything I probably had to do today at work, and it seemed like a lot, and much of it time-sensitive. So I snapped out of my fantasy of staying home and catching up on things, and got ready for work.

I got in at 9:20. I turned on my computer and started pulling my hair back. SQ came by. He asked if I had seen FA, I called up to her office, but she wasn’t in. I told him I would take care of shipping the projector, and that I would look into getting an internet connection for him. He said he’d let me get settled and get back to me. I finished putting on my wig and got some coffee. I didn’t have to make any coffee today—usually when I get some, a pot is almost empty and I make more, but someone else was on top of the coffee today. I got back to my desk and logged into my computer—it wouldn’t log in, the same problem I was having last week. Ugh, I felt so depressed. SA said that FM had the same problem last week, and someone had to come over and fix it. But I had seen what SP had done last week to fix this, and remembered doing that before on a pc I had, so I opened up the console on my computer and typed in the command, I had the syntax wrong. I got out my laptop, connected it to the Ethernet cable and looked up ipconfig and got the right syntax, etc., then plugged my workstation back in and typed in ipconfig, then ipconfig /release and ipconfig / renew – still nothing. I asked SA if I could peek at her computer quickly, and then looked up what the IP address, etc. should be. I ran through the commands again and it worked. SA commented that it was good I knew how to fix it, in case it happened to her computer. I was just relieved I wouldn’t have to wait for SP to come over to fix it. I send an email to vpahelp just to let them know it happened again, just so they could track it. It probably sounded like a complaint. Anyway…

I had some mail to distribute, and while doing so, quickly checked my box. I got a sweet card from Pat, telling me there was alight at the end of the tunnel.

I asked SA if she had used UPS before and if she had an account, or if Foundation had an account or just used the ProCard. SA said she just used the credit card; she had tried using the account they had, but it didn’t work. I looked around online about requesting a network connection, and sent another email to vpahelp about it, also calling them, hoping to just get a quick answer on the phone, but ended up just leaving a message. After sending out the email, I found what I needed on the computing site.

At 10:01, SD called for CA. I told her that CA should be in soon. CC came in and sat in SA’s area, chatting. She said she slept for 25 hours of the 48 hours of the weekend. She seemed to be as I felt—tired and a little disoriented about what had to be done in the midst of everything that must be done. At 10:15, a man called for Pat Drake, and I told him she was on leave for a few weeks. He only wanted to talk with her, and said he would send he an email.

SR came by with a photography faculty person from Florence. She hadn’t seen JoPat in person before, and took a picture of me. Sorted through my pile of things on my desk. I opened up the files I had on electives, I wanted to send these out today to advisors. I also had several employee expense vouchers to finish, and CA had left a note on the honorarium form for the drawing visiting artist checking to make sure the money was coming from FB’s account, not ours. I had to redo the form. I emailed AA to ask her what the chart string for this is.

CA arrived. I heard Connie (the dog), but CA was bringing her right to her office. She came by and said that she had to take Connie home, but had a student to meet with first. I gave her the message from SD. CA said she spent the weekend writing letters for tenure stuff.

I found SQ and told him I would ship out the projector. He had it packed up, but said he had to print out something for the RMA, which he had arranged through his home email address, while his syr address was getting set up. I let him use my computer to get this email. I also went and looked to see if there was any faceplate for a network connection in his office, there wasn’t. He asked me about calling a regional number, saying that when he tried to call, he would get cut off. I told him I would give him the long distance code for calling. I felt sort of bad for SQ. The first few days on a job are always hard, and I felt like he seemed alone in trying to get a handle on everything. He said he was going to bring in a printer and some other stuff he had lying around at home.

I set up a login on the UPS site, and made a shipment request and pickup. I taped up the box for the projector and taped on the label. Because of the value, I had to have the UPS person sign one of the receipts. I left all of this at the front desk. WA came by and talked a little about the refugee resettlement people—they are definitely interested in having WA and maybe CoAct do something with them. I had suggested the Warehouse as a potential place for meetings for refugees who are artists, and told WA to contact SR about this.

A student called asking questions that her advisor should answer, but I did—what art history to take, what electives she had to take, etc.

FD called about making an order at Commercial Art. I told her to tell me exactly what she needed, and I can call in the credit card number. She called me back in a few minutes after having spoken with Commercial Art, and then I called them and gave them the info. The woman was there was the same one I had dealt with in trying to get pastel sets for FS, and she mentioned to me that they were still on back order.

I went back to work on the electives sheet, working from Pat’s info from last year. Another student came by to see CA. I printed out the information about getting a network connection, and showed this to CA, and then showed her the electives sheet.  I made copies of this, and then did a count of advisees for each advisor, and put SCORE forms in mailboxes. I asked SA if she needed more SCORE forms, thinking we could just get them from Steele hall, but SA said we had to order them from distribution. She checked online. I asked her how much they were, and she said about $.08 a sheet. I found a stash Pat had left, but I will have to order more. I sent out the electives list and class list to advisors, along with letting them know I had put SCORE forms in their boxes. (Later that night, I got a faculty email from FF, and I had the titles of the art history classes wrong).

SR came by to say goodbye, and I introduced her to WA, and we talked a little about doing something at the Warehouse. I felt like I didn’t really talk with SA or JD much today, but instead lived in a swarm of paper. SA and I did talk a little about the bake sale for tomorrow. Only she and JD had signed up to make anything. I wanted to make foccacia bread, but didn’t know when I was going to do this. SA said she’d probably end up buying cookies, it cost too much anyway to get all the ingredients to make them.

CA came by and commented that I was busy today, but didn’t seemed bothered by it. She then said I must be resigned. I agreed. I took a short break at 2:22, and walked over to People’s Place and got a sandwich. I ate outside, the sun was out. I read the Daily Orange. There was an article about art professors juggling their own work with their job. I got back and put on my wig and my first advisee arrived. I had made advising appointments for when I was JoPat, because otherwise I would be at school until 10 pm every night. My first student was organized and we got through it quickly. My second student hadn’t done anything but think a little about his academic electives. After spending time going through what he had to take, I told him we would have to finish after he had put together a schedule. My next student came in with color-coded schedules, which I complimented her on. Because I was behind, my next appointment had to go to class, and so we rescheduled. Most of these students were thinking more about academics rather than studio electives, and several want to take language classes. 

While I was advising, FS came by to drop off the projector and the key to room 202. She mentioned that the pastel sets she had ordered were still on back order, and that after this week, she wouldn’t need them anymore. She also gave me a receipt for reimbursement, but was concerned that perhaps she had gone over her budget. The receipt was for $13.68. Also, SS came by and said that Pat kept an extra key to her office in her desk. We found it and she took it. CA also left.

At 4:38, FA called. She was stuck in traffic/having car trouble, and may be late for her office hours tonight. She asked me to put a sign on her door, and to check to see who she had appointments with. I went upstairs and wrote down the list, then called her back. Most had left their email addresses, so I sent them a note telling them to call FA first, as she may be late. I then made a sign saying the same and put it on her door. I went back to the online form to order a network connection, but needed to look up the chart string for it. I couldn’t find my accounting list—it wasn’t in my folder. I cleaned up my desk a little in hopes of finding it, but no luck. I felt sort of cross-eyed, and tired, and decided to just wait and do this tomorrow. At 5:02 to phone rang; it was the wrong number, and the woman on the other end didn’t seem happy about it. She wanted a 449 number, so I have no idea how she got this one. At 5:06 the phone rang again, it was a student who was trying to reach Newhouse Student records.  I asked him what number he was trying to reach, he didn’t know and asked me if I knew it. I looked it up in the directory and told him, but also told him it was after 5, so he probably wouldn’t get anyone.



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