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How to Start a Foundation (in progress)
We are currently undergoing the process of obtaining legal status. Eventually, this area will document all forms and organizational documents.
Steps Status
Develop your mission, vision, reason for existence 2004-2005
Develop a Buisness Plan March 2006
Form a Board of Directors


Write Articles of Incorporation;
file with the state
August 7, 2006
Write Bylaws March 2006
Have board meeting, approve bylaws, elect officers, form committees April 9, 2006
Set up office, mailbox, etc August 21, 2006
Obtain an EIN number August 21, 2006
Obtain a bank account

transitional account:
February 2005; account under EIN still to set up

File for Federal Tax Exemption in progress
File with state board of chairities to do




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